World AIDS Day

It’s World AIDS day. Last week, UNAIDS published their latest data on people living with HIV. And I felt compelled to try a more realistic view of the world: a cartogram.

I will not break it down further, as it’s perfectly explained here.

1st try: A Dorling cartogram

2nd try: A Demers cartogram

3rd try: A sometimes called rectangular cartogram

The final version


  1. Tom

    The final result is great(as always).

    It would be interesting to know how you made these? Manually in Illustrator?

  2. Yeah, sadly for this kind of maps there’s no algorithm to make it automatically. I have my own weird technique which isn’t probably the most recommended one, but it works fine for me.

  3. Tom

    Good to hear you’re not superhuman after all :)

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  9. JB

    Could I use this cartogram in a report I’m writing?

  10. Ari

    Great map, but the white middle section is not showing up on the white background—a gray or otherwise colored background would be great.

  11. @Ari Did you turn down the brightness of your screen? Just kidding. You’re probably right. In CMYK was 4/8/16/0 which is light but prints fine. In hexadecimal is #F3E6D3 which may be too light for some displays.