How I make paella

My two passions: cooking and visual storytelling, visual storytelling and cooking. A timelapse was the perfect device for the story—so many times it isn’t. And a bit of annotation on the what, the how and the why of the ingredients. The result of the experiment: ‘The Magic of Paella’

A paella is a one-pot meal—a one-pan meal to be exact—of moorish influence. It’s cheap and quick, nourishing and communal. Meat, veggies and rice, saffron and rosemary perfume. I love the dish and I make a mean one.

I can easily imagine a timelapse like this as a template. Not just for one-pot dishes but also for dishes that call for more fuss in the kitchen—through split screens we could see multiple simultaneous moments. The annotation might then be a layered timeline. (Information graphics are such an obvious device to explain recipes.)

The annotation and the illustration were nothing but a play. But they were as much fun as the video.

Try the recipe. Play with it and change it. Just don’t add chorizo.

Bo proveito! (Enjoy!)